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How do I book my sessions? 

Your free consultation and consequent organizing sessions can all be purchased on our shopping page.  Once you have purchased a package, you will receive a link to schedule your session time.

How long will my project take?

There are many variables in how long a project will take such as how big the space is, how much decluttering is needed, how much time you need to make decluttering decisions, and if there are a lot of breakable items in the space that require slower and more careful handling.  A smaller space like a pantry or a closet could take around 4 hours or as much as 8-12 hours or more depending on these factors.  We do our best to work efficiently but we also make sure to take sufficient care in handling your items, particularly if they are fragile.

Do I need to tidy up ahead of time?

It is most helpful for us to see the typical state of your space so that we can have the information we need about what is working for you, what isn’t, and how the space is being used.  If you tidy up, we won’t be able to be as effective in designing a storage plan that meets your unique needs.  No matter how cluttered the space is, we are here to help, not to criticize or judge you.  With the hectic pace of life these days, it feels almost impossible to get spaces organized in a maintainable way without help.  We are here to provide what you need to get and stay organized.

Do I need to be available for in-person organizing sessions?

For the decluttering sessions, you will need to be available to decide what items you want to keep in the space, what you want to relocate, and what you want to dispose of or donate.  While we will guide you through those decisions, it would be good to set aside that time free from other tasks and responsibilities.  In organizing sessions in which we are putting everything away, you do not need to be available. We can take care of everything.

What happens to items I don’t want to keep?

All items that are in good condition can be donated.  We can pack up and take up to one carload of donations per session.  Fragile items will be packed carefully.  If you have a very large amount of donations or large items such as furniture, we can recommend services that will come and pick up your items for donation or disposal.  Additionally, we can take unopened, shelf-stable food items to the food pantry.  Clothing and fabrics can also be sent to Retold for donation, upcycling, or textile recycling.  If you purchase Retold donation bags, we can take them to the post office to mail them for you.  For trash and items that need to be disposed of, we will bag them up and put them in your trash receptacle.

What areas do you serve?

For virtual services, we can help anyone who has a stable internet connection, no matter where they are.  For in-person services, we serve communities within 30 minutes of Grapevine/Southlake for no additional charge and communities that require a longer commute within the DFW area for an additional travel fee of $10 per half hour.

Will you make me get rid of stuff?

We will never make you get rid of your things.  It’s important to keep everything that makes you happy and that you love or find useful.  We do want to help make space for you to be able to see, use, and put away all the things you love, so we will help you identify and let go of those things that you no longer love and are causing you stress or guilt.

Will I need to buy storage products for my space?

That depends on the look you want to achieve and what storage products you already have. If you are wanting a decorated and designed look, it’s important to have storage products that match in terms of style, size, and shape.  Although this can get pricey, it does not have to be expensive.  Even some inexpensive stores such as the dollar tree can have some nice looking and good quality storage items at a low price.  We have spent a great deal of time researching storage products and have suggestions for every budget, whether you want low-cost or high end solutions.  Additionally, if you already own some storage products that you love, we can add them into your storage design.  We will send you information on all the products we think will work for your space and will purchase only the items you approve. Reimbursement for all purchased items will be due on the day we install your products.

Do you organize sheds, attics, or garages?

Because there are many critters that love to be in attics and exterior spaces in this part of the country, for our safety we do not organize those spaces.  Because some garages get snake visitors or have pest infestations, we organize garages on a case by case basis and only on mild days from October through April.

How does virtual organizing work?

After our initial consultation to assess your goals for the project, we will go through the following steps:

  • We will ask you to send us pictures and measurements of the space.  We will then design a step-by-step plan for the project.
  • For the categorizing and decluttering stages, we will meet with you online to guide you through the process and will assign homework for you to complete between sessions.  If you would like more support and guidance during any part of the categorizing or decluttering stages, we can schedule a longer session online to help you.  We also offer tips on how to stay on task and not be overwhelmed during this part of the project.
  • We will provide you with the shopping list and links to where each item can be purchased online and will send you a customized storage plan so you know exactly where everything will go in your space.  If you would like additional guidance while putting everything away, we can schedule a session online.  
  • We will meet for a free 15 minute follow up session to check in on how everything is working for you and to see if any improvements are needed.